Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Amazing Customer Service I Provide

I believe most people think working in a library is a boring job. It is not. My first circulation clerk at Lonsdale Public Library, Kym El-wailli, once said to me, "Who knew that working in a library could be so crazy?" Absotively, Kym, absotively. I now work in the Saint Paul College Library and it is sometimes even wackier than working in a public library. Tonight I had a perfect example. A woman approached the desk with a backpack and started unzipping it. Me: May I help you? Her: I would like to return a calculator. Me: Okay. (She produces the calculator and sets it on the counter. I pick it up.) Me: Thank you. Her: (Continuing to dig in her backpack.) Don’t you want to see my id? Me: (Smiling.) No, but thank you. Her: How are you going to know it’s me? I don’t want it coming back on me. Me: Would you like me to show you? (Gesturing to the computer monitor and turning it slightly.) Her: Yes! Me: (Turning the monitor completely so she can see what I am doing.) So, I scan the bar code and… (I actually do scan the bar code and the computer works its magic, zip-bang!) The item is checked in and the computer shows me who returned it. Her: (Examining the screen where her name is displayed and grinning wildly.) Cool!!! Thank you!!! Me: (Also grinning wildly.) You’re welcome!!! She exits the library, an extremely happy customer. I remain in the library, an extremely self-satisfied librarian. What a delight to be able to impress and amaze someone with technology I have grown so accustomed to that I am inured to it! I love my job.