Thursday, October 26, 2017

When One Blog is Not Enough ~OR~ Contributing to the Blogosphere

I just started library school online at San Jose State University this fall -- thank you, thank you, yes, it IS hard, but also fun and challenging -- and one of the very first things I was required to do was create a blog. My first reaction was, cool! Already checked that box! But, no. Not so fast! Even if we already had a blog, we were required to create a new one using WordPress, so, now there are two! Back Matter & Other Topics in Library Science is that second blog.

If you want to read more of my writing, Back Matter is the place to go. It is much more focused on Library Science as assignments from my classes get posted there, but it's currently updated more frequently than 23 Things. I do my best to sprinkle the magic pixie dust there, too, as best as I am able, though. If you are interested in seeing what library school students are working on these days, then definitely check it out. A lot of that content will be included in my portfolio at some point, so I am giving it my best effort.

When I was trying to decide what to name my second blog, I wanted something unique, related to library science. I had come across the term back matter, which Merriam Webster defines as, "matter following the main text of a book." I thought it was apropos and would draw the LIS crowd. Time will tell.

If you've delved deep enough into the archives of 23 Things, you've realized that I began this blog because I was doing the 23 Things on a Stick program way back in the day. Once that was done, I used it to write about my adventures as a bookmobile librarian, then as the director of Lonsdale Public Library, and now as a library tech (and sometimes student) at Saint Paul College. It has evolved and undergone one name change. Probably it could use another one, but I just haven't bothered and don't want to confuse people either. Interesting how blogs evolve just like life.

Maybe some day I will be able to mash the two blogs together -- heck, for all I know, I can probably do that now. If that happens, then it will be one-stop shopping. For now, with a nod to Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston, it takes two, baby.